It all began with their 2014 album, The Predator Becomes The Prey, which achieved cult-classic status. Since then, the band has made waves in the metalcore scene, creating a unique sound that has gained them a passionate fan base and recognition from heavy metal titans such as Motionless In White and Slayer. Now, the band are proud to present their official merchandise. Fans of the band can show off their love for Ice Nine Kills with t-shirts, hoodies, and custom patches. Everything from the band’s classic logo, to their single artwork is now featured on their official merchandise. The merchandise is now available exclusively from their official website, which also serves as an informative resource for the band’s up-to-date information.

Customers also have the option to add a signed copy of any of their albums for ice nine kills store a small additional charge. Ice Nine Kills have an incredible sound that blends together different styles of heavy metal, and always manage to keep things fresh and exciting by bring in different elements. Whether you’re a fan of the band’s music, or just the idea of wearing something that expresses your love for the band, their official merchandise line has something for everyone. Be sure to take a look at their official website and show your support for Ice Nine Kills with their official merchandise.

Let everyone know that you are a fan of their unique blend of metalcore and melodic metal and aren’t afraid to wear your love for the band on your sleeve.”
“Loving the horror music genre can be an exciting adventure. As an avid fan, you might have already heard of the metalcore band Ice Nine Kills. They are the leading horrorscore band in the music industry, and they have an amazing collection of merchandise that you should totally check out. Ice Nine Kills brings the horror experience to show-goers and fans. Founded in 2002 by vocalist Spencer Charnas and guitarist Justin DeBlieck, the Massachusetts-based band has produced deep connections with horror music fans. As a band, they draw from the darkest element of horror and combine them with metalcore and hard rock.

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