Master Your Finances: iPhone 15's Financial Tools and Utilities

Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup is set to hit the shelves with USB-C, a new rounded design, and several other features. But some people are complaining about problems like trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Last year’s iPhone 14 introduced satellite connectivity via its Emergency SOS via satellite feature, which worked well enough to save some lives. Apple may expand this feature in the iPhone 15.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners (or sometimes fingerprint readers) are one of the most useful and advanced security features available in smartphones. They are able to detect the ridges and valleys of your fingerprint and translate them into electrical signals that can unlock a phone or protect sensitive information.

Human fingerprints are very detailed, nearly unique and difficult to change over time, making them ideal for identification purposes. They are also much more convenient and secure than pin codes or patterns for unlocking a phone. Some people even use them to protect their devices in case of a lost password or to prevent unauthorized access to apps and services.

In a research note seen by The Wall Street Journal, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple would incorporate under-display Touch ID into one or more of its new iPhone models released in the second half of 2023. But based on Gurman’s latest update, it’s unlikely that Apple will add this feature to the iPhone 15. Instead, they might continue to rely solely on Face ID as they did in past generations.

Improved Video Stabilization

The new iPhone 15 is expected to come with a better video stabilization feature. This will help you capture smooth videos even when moving. This will also help you save cellular data and battery life. The video stabilization feature can be enabled in the Settings app.

Other features include a new Action Mode that offers gimbal-like stabilization for action shots, and Cinematic mode that records at 4K resolution at either 24 or 30 frames per second. Moreover, Cinematic mode can be edited in post to combine both 24 and 30 FPS clips.

Lastly, the new iPhone 15 will have a Low Energy microprocessor that can sense capacitive button presses and holds while the phone is dead or powered down. This is the same microprocessor that handles Apple Pay and Find My iPhone tracking on current iPhones. However, this new version will take things a step further and detect presses of the solid-state buttons in the new iPhone 15 Pro models.

Improved Connectivity

A new version of Apple’s UltraWideBand chip is coming with the iPhone 15. The U1 chip is manufactured on a 7nm process, which reduces power consumption and enables wireless communications at higher speeds. The chip can support more devices at the same time and also reduces power usage when transferring data between iOS devices.

Kuo also expects the iPhone 15 to introduce solid-state volume and power buttons on Pro models that use haptic feedback to mimic the feel of pressing a physical button. This tech will help prevent the buttons from becoming dust or water logged.

All iPhone 15 models will have a faster 5G cellular connection than previous models, according to rumors. This is a great feature to have if you plan on using your iPhone for photography or gaming. It will be able to automatically switch from Wi-Fi to 5G when your device is connected to a slow or inconsistent network. You can enable this feature in the Settings app by turning on “Wi-Fi Assist.”

Better Battery Life

Apple has improved the battery life of its iPhone 15 lineup with a new 28nm OLED driver chip. dien thoai iphone 15 This smaller chip reduces power consumption by up to 35 percent. This is especially important as the display is one of the biggest drains on the battery.

Another power-saving feature is a low power mode that shuts down services like mail fetch, auto downloads, 5G, and iCloud storage. You can activate this mode from Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

Aside from enabling this mode, you can also cut down on power-hogging animations and effects by going to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and turning on the toggle for Reduce Motion. You can also set your device to auto-lock after 30 seconds and disable Raise to Wake. Additionally, avoiding extreme temperatures can help improve battery life.

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