Rogers has synesthesia, a benign situation where two or extra senses are perceived without delay. The narrator is deeply afraid of abandonment and pushing their partner away, but they also worry about what they may do to keep them around. Her self-described fascination with death might be considered morbid and macabre if it wasn’t handled with the gentleness and emotional vulnerability which are the hallmarks of Bridgers’ songwriting. Bridgers’ reference to a serial killer who famously slept next to the bodies of his sufferers and then invoking that imagery in the following line isn’t for the shock factor. But then Bridgers’ latest album, Punisher, was released in June 2020. And her star went supernova. O’Toole, Lucy June 24, 2021. Lucy Dacus: I’ve taken music courses.

The themes litter her songwriting, pushing to album covers, merch, and a Halloween retailer skeleton costume that has developed into her de-facto uniform. Ides Heaven, Punisher begins with its narrator wandering around the city after darkish: When the velocity kicks in, she sings, I go to the shop for nothing, backed via piano and coffee waves of digital vocal harmony, she contemplates the facts of Smith’s life: the house where he died, his kindness towards fans, the way his songs still convey individuals collectively. I phoebe bridgers official store can take inventory in my house. A tour later in the year can look a bit extra attainable. Ultimately this culminated in four Grammy nods earlier this month how. In contrast, she gained the pink carpet in a glittering skeleton dress, and she did not take residence any hardware on awards night.

Then got here a high-profile SNL performance, the place she smashed her guitar, which in flip led her to take on rock-purist Twitter and hearth back on the likes of David Crosby. And then quarantine hit. Now, what is it about dying? It seems Bridgers finds catharsis in demise-in this case, the death of a relationship -how not finality. Over the direction of the music, the narrator grapples with their conflicting desire for the connection and the information that forcing someone to be with you is as toxic as it’s exhausting. The second verse ends with the narrator asserting that I’ve burned every playlist/ I’ve given all my love. In that announcement comes a sense of rebirth within the double entendre of destruction and creation as she burns each playlist.

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